Anti-restrictions protest in Victoriei Square


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Several thousand protesters against the restrictions imposed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic marched on Saturday, from University Square to Victoriei Square.

They shouted, among other things, “Down with the Government!”, “We will not give up!”, “Unity!” carrying banner with various messages, including: “Our children are not your guinea pigs!”, “Suceava”, “Wake up Romanians!”, “Timisoara is here!”, “Bologna present!”, “Rome present!”.

The protest in the University Square was organized by the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR).

Other people are already protesting in Victoria Square against the restrictions.

PM Citu: A cynical protest

Prime Minister Florin Citu reacted to the protest, saying that political leaders should “totally dissociate” themselves from those who conduct anti-vaccination campaigns. The PM also said that the protest that took place on Saturday was a “cynical one” “.

“We looked at yesterday’s protest, a cynical protest on the day when we had the largest number of vaccinated people and we see that we have many explanations. One of them is that we have a party in Romania and a movement supported by parties that would have been somewhat pro-European with an anti-vaccination message. The message, which is unfortunately taken over by the TV and carried on, is a message that we must fight against. Our campaign was presented on television, but I don’t think it was presented as much as these messages were presented. I think that when we all agree that we need to promote more pro-vaccination messages and fewer anti-vaccination messages, we will see more people vaccinated. At the same time., it is the responsibility of each of us to get vaccinated, and we need to bear in mind that when we get vaccinated, we protect ourselves and those around us: our families, our loved ones. (…) The irresponsibility of some people falls afterwards on the shoulders of other Romanians. (…) It would help during this period for political leaders to completely dissociate themselves form those who have these anti-vaccination campaigns. I haven’t seen them yet,” Citu stated.

According to the prime minister, the vaccination campaign has “been revived”, with the number of people being immunized increasing daily.

“The vaccination campaign has been revived. The number of people (taking the anti-Covid jab) has increased. Every day, more and more people are getting vaccinated. I am here today to get vaccinated with the third dose,” said Florin Citu.

He said unvaccinated people will have to follow the imposed rules.

“We have seen that other countries have gone in this direction as well. We use the same method: people who are vaccinated do not have these restrictions, unvaccinated people will have to follow these rules,” the prime minister explained.

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