Anti-stress mobile app invented in Cluj-Napoca, among the best-selling ones in the country


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„PsyPills” application for mobile phones, created by a team of psychologists from the „Babes-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca, ranking among the Top 50 best-selling Romanian apps dedicated to a healthy lifestyle ((Mobile App Ranking), is now available both in Romanian and English.

The app, designed to reduce unhealthy negative emotions, the so-called emotional distress, is targeting self-control and emotional adjustment through „psychological pills” which diagnose and curb irrationality. The final goal is to increase well-being and quality of life through healthy emotions.

PsyPills application (Psychological Pills) ranks 34th in the top of sales on lifestyle app countrywide (…) It can be used in clinical and self-managed therapies (accompanied by the therapist’ monitoring), in psycho-education, but also in research,” reads a press release.

PsyPills has a minimal cost of 0.99 American dollars, in order to be accessible to disadvantaged people. The app also has a partially free demo  version if the users are giving consent to use it free of any charge for educational and research purposes.

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