Archaeological find, unique in Eastern Europe, in Romania

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Archaeologists have unearthed a unique treasure on the Tirighina-Barboşi site near Galati, eastern Romania: a tower, unique in Eastern Europe, but also several dwellings and luxury items dating back in the 2nd century A.D.

The archaeological site from Tirighina-Barboşi encompasses a Roman castrum from the early first millennium built on an old Dacian settlement. It is the only historical monument in the region of Moldavia certified in the 2-3 centuries A.D. The site is also located on a paleontologist reservation of fossils and mollusk that are 400,000-year-old.

After being abandoned for years, the site has been taken over by the local authorities, with the Galati City Hall implementing a programme of over EUR 15 million signed nine years ago. RON 8.5 million represent non-refundable financing.

The monument of national importance will be restored to enter the tourist circuit: a museum and amphitheatre to host open air events, as well as a parking, will be developed here.

As for the tower, archaeologists working on the site say it is unique for it is a eight-sided tower, which is found nowhere else in Southeastern Europe. The tower is eight-metre high and can provide a view over all surroundings, to the river of Siret, up to the North and to the East, to the Danube.

Five coins reportedly dating back to the 2nd century AD have been also dug inside the site, as well as remains of houses (roofs and sewage system). Four of the houses will be restored to be available for tourists. The diggings also revealed luxury ceramic items, 50 stamps, bowls, etc.

The project is due to end in the autumn of 2020.

Many archaeological discoveries have been reported in Romania in the past years.

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