Armed robbery at a bank in Baia Mare

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An armed robbery took place on Wednesday at a bank in Baia Mare (northern Romania). Police are in full alert after the robbery has taken place.

Two people with hoods and guns went into the bank and took RON 100,000 in only four minutes.

The incident took place on Victoriei Street in the city centre and police are on the site.

It seems that the two people entered the bank with hoods and weapons, and then they demanded the bank employees for money, reports.

IPJ Maramures spokesperson Florina Meteş said on Wednesday that no one was injured during the robbery.

“We’ve been informed that two individuals have taken a sum of money from a bank on Victoriei St. in Baia Mare. The first information from the investigation shows nobody has been injured. After taking the money, the two individuals ran away. An investigation team was set up to identify and catch the offenders,” Metes said.

Judicial sources say, in turn, that one of the cashiers was threatened with a gun before the robbers took the amount of RON 100,000.

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