Army Day, marked by military and religious ceremonies. Traffic restrictions in Bucharest


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The Romanian Army Day is celebrated on Wednesday by military and religious ceremonies, wreath-laying ceremonies and cultural events, with traffic restrictions mainly in Bucharest due to the torch ceremonial scheduled in the Capital this evening.

Romania celebrates the Day of the Romanian Army every year on October 25, a day stipulated under Decree 381 of October 1, 1959, when the previous Romanian Armed Forces Day was switched from October 2 to October 25.

The date of October 25, 1944 is celebrated as the Romanian Army Day, as it signifies the date of complete liberation of northwestern Transylvania from foreign ruling and administration. This was the only strategic national objective actually achieved by the Romanian Army in WWII. The liberation of the entire national territory of Romania was fulfilled by the heroic fights of over 525,000 fully employed troops between August 23 and October 25, 1944. Nearly 58,000 of them were killed or injured. Losses on the enemies’ side stood at 89,934 troops, 76,275 of whom were taken prisoners.

National tricolor flag will be flown at the military institutions’ HQs, on board of military ships, with military and commemorative ceremonies to be held in all garrisons in the country, as well as in the theatres of operations abroad.

President Klaus Iohannis attended the military ceremony in the Carol Park in Bucharest, starting 15:00hrs.

After the wreath-laying ceremony, the President delivered a short speech, reminding that the Army has a budget of 2 pc of the GDP this year, for the first time after 1989, while coming into the Government’s, Defence Ministry’s notice that “they have the obligation to very seriously assume this responsibility.”

Iohannis pointed out that in all meetings between the NATO allies, he “has assertively urged that the actions on the entire eastern flank should be balanced” and that he obtained that.

“Romania has pledged to become a strategic and predictable regional actor,” and “the reinforcement of the military profile has an essential role in this respect”.

In the end, president Iohannis adviced the young soldiers taking the oath “to love their country”.

The head of state didn’t shake hands or talk with the speakers of Senate and Chamber of Deputies, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Liviu Dragnea and exchange no word with PM Tudose.

PM Mihai Tudose was present in Carei, Satu Mare county to attend a wreath-laying ceremony at the monument “Glory to the Romanian Soldier” at 12:00hrs, but he was also present at the military ceremony in Parcul Carol in Bucharest, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In a message on this occasion, PM Tudose stated that the Romania’s Government was, is and will be an unconditioned partner of the Romanian Army, while voicing his gratitude and appreciation for the Romanian military, who “through sacrifice, courage and devotion provide the citizens’ safety and territorial integrity”.

Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor attended three military ceremonies in three locations in the country: at Paulis, Carei and Bucharest on Army Day.

According to the Defence Ministry, the minister attended the military ceremony in Paulis, Arad county in the morning, at 8:30hrs and the manifestations in Carei, Satu Mare county at 11:30hrs. In Bucharest, the Defence Minister attended the military and religious ceremony in Carol Park at 15:00hrs, and also the ceremony when military students took he military oath.

DefMin Fifor will have a videoconference with the Romanian military in the theatres of operations abroad as of 17:00hrs and will attend a concert by the Defence Ministry hosted at Beraria H in Herastrau Park as of 21:45.

Previously in the day, in a message on the Army Day posted on Facebook, Defence minister Fifor thanks the military and the civilians in the ministry for their professionalism in carrying out their missions, while stating that Romania has assumed the position of security provider in the region.

“The participation of the Romanian Army in the humanitarian, peace-keeping operations, as well as in those to counter terrorism, was, is and will be the major goal of our security and defence policy. These missions are the proof that our country has assumed with responsibility the position of major security provider in its region, by fully contributing to support the international community’s effort to institute a climate of security in the world,” reads Fifor’s message.

Traffic Police has enforced several traffic restrictions in Bucharest during 19:00hrs and 22:00hrs when a military ceremony of torch withdrawal is scheduled on the Army Day.

The ceremony will take place on the following route during 19:00-22:00: Carol Park- 11 Iunie street-Regina Maria Blvd-Libertatii Blvd-Natiunile Unite Blvd-Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu street-Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd-Splaiul Independentei-Eroilor Blvd- Profesor Doctor Gheorghe Marinescu Blvd-Cotroceni Avenue-Iulia Maniu Blvd-General Vasile Milea Blvd-headquarter of the 30 Guard Brigade.

Traffic will be restricted on the first traffic lane on this route.

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