Asian young man hit and kicked out of the metro train by football supporters in Bucharest over Coronavirus fears

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The supporters of Rapid football club have hit and kicked out of the metro train an Asian young man at the subway today. The fans were taking the metro to go to the stadium where Rapid played against a local football club, Turris Turnu Magurele.

According to eyewitnesses, the football fans had accused the Asian man he is responsible for spreading coronavirus, had hit, pushed and spit the young man. In the end they forced him to get out of the train.

They bullied him, pushed him, some even spit on him before kicking him out of the train. He was a young man with Asian origins, they kicked him out of the train in the Aurel Vlaicu tube station”, a witness recounted, quoted by Digi24.

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  1. Andrea says

    This is ridiculous! Me myself being Chinese and seeing people getting bullied or me myself getting discriminated. It just feels like we aren’t in the same world! This has to stop! Racism is not a way to deal with stuff! It won’t help. Stop bullying them. Yes it could have been Chinese’s people fault but no one in this world ever make a mistake that kills other? What about all the wars? World war 1&2! Iran and America. All around the world. This world won’t become better if you poison it even more. It’s already quite toxic and why more? This is not a way to deal with your stuff. Really. Can you do anything to help? You might not be able to get it out but stop racism, discrimination, bullying just stop it. It will definitely help but wash your hands protect yourself first. And help people who you see are getting bullied. We need to help this world. This is a planet but it’s our home. This is mistakes but we all make them. Why are we dealing with ridiculous stuff when we can stop it. We want a better world not a worse. Stop this and learn from your mistakes and this message…

  2. Oana says

    I can’t believe this is happening, simply outrageous, I hope those men face prison. I am ashamed to be romanian. Not all the asians are sick, like we all know not all romanians are gypsies. We should have known better and behaved accordingly. I am deeply sorry for all the asian communities in Romania at the moment.

    1. Robert says

      De ce î?i este ru?ine s? spui c? e?ti Românc?? Crezi c? lumea te arata cu degetul c? e?ti Românc? ?i nu alta specie uman?? :)) S? î?i fie ru?ine s? mai spui c? ai ?i drepturi în România. E?ti penibil? :))

  3. Ali says

    Oana, aren’t you also ashamed of your rasist comment against the gypsies?! Being gypsy is a sickness ?…I don’t understand the comparison. Be deply sorry for all the gypsy communities too …

  4. Al. Popescu says

    That’s sickening. Disgusting. What a shame! I hope police did something. As an Romanian emigrant for more than 20 years that experienced sometimes abuses for being a foreigner I am saddened to see that some of my compatriotes can be also stupid, mean and ignorants. All my symphaty to the boy!

  5. Mo says

    Oana, you wanted to show empathy to Asians and by nature you showed how racist you are and most of the people here against gypsies, this is sick even worse than what happened with the Asian youngster, he faced this only because of ‘Corona’, but in any other ordinary day he wouldn’t, but with ROMA people it’s 24/7/365, shame on you and shame on this shitty mentality.

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