Attempt for Guinness Book of Records? High school in Galati has 33 thermal modules!

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It may be attempting to break a new Guinness record or it may be simply stupidity. A high school in Galati (eastern Romania) has installed no less than 33 thermal modules, while the specialists say less than one third would have been enough. The 33 thermal modules are enough to heat a stadium, informs.

The Galati local authorities have given up on 2018 the central heating, so that the city hall has decided to install thermal modules on gas in all schools.

The solution for the Marine Technology High School is however astonishing. The city hall has paid no less than RON 2.3 million (approx. EUR 480,000) for the design, acquisition and installing of the 33 units of thermal modules. School representatives say they have never operated all the modules simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the city hall argues the design was completed by three specialized companies.


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