Austrian multimillionaire established in Arad, detained for child pornography

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An Austrian multimillionaire established in Arad has been detained by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) for child pornography on Wednesday evening, after he would have picked up minor girls in clubs in Romania and abroad.

Investigators say that 67-year-old Dieter Kaas, an Austrian citizen established in Arad, where he had a business, used to pick up minor girls in clubs and then shoot them in indecent positions and shared the images to his acquaintances.

Dieter Kaas is the president and owner of a multinational company that deals with freight company.

The company has branches all over Europe and a turnover of EUR 400 M, according to Digi 24. The millionaire is known in Arad county for he voiced his intention in the past to invest in UTA football club.

The man has been eyed by the prosecutors in the past three years. Investigators also have the testimonies given  by the girls who featured in the Austrian businessman’s photos.

The suspect has been detained for 24 hours, facing a 30-day preventive arrest.


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