Average pension, 44.75pc of the average net wage

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The average pension of state social insurance was, at the end of June, of 32.36% of the average gross wage and 44.75% of the net average wage, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Labour, Family, and Social Protection.

On June 30, the average gross salary was of RON 2,874, while the average net salary of RON 2,078. The average pension of state social insurance pensioners was of RON 930.

The total number of pensioners at the end of H1, was of 5,097,428 persons, down by 45,476 persons against the corresponding period of 2015 and by 32,382 persons as compared to the end of December 2015.

Of the total, 91.77% were pensioners of state social insurance (4,677,989 people) and retired farmers 8.23% (419,439 persons).

Out of the total state social insurance pensioners with retirement age, women accounted for 55.04%.

According to information provided by the National Public Pensions House (CNPP), in June 2016, out of the total state social insurance pensioners, 56.78% had pensions below RON 930 (the average pension). The gross minimum wage per economy was in June 2016 of RON 1,250.

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