Baccalaureate 2015: The highest graduation rate in the past 5 years


Romanian baccalaureate registered this year the highest graduation rate in the last five years, reveal the final results presented by the Education Ministry on Friday. 67.9 percent of the eleventh grade students graduated high school following the final exam of June-July session.

On this occasion, the Education Ministry presented a 12-year balance sheet, which shows that the graduation rate has been constantly decreasing after 2004, with the lowest percentages registered in 2011 and 2012. Thus, in 2004, 84.68 pc of the candidates registered in the first session have graduated high school, in 2005 there was 84.68 pc of them, in 2006-80.48 pc, in 2007-82.08 pc, in 2008-73.80 pc, in 2009-81.47, in 2010-69.30 pc, in 2011-45.73 pc, in 2012-44.41 pc, in 2013-56.44 pc, in 2014-60.65 pc and in 2015067.9 pc.

On an average, 69.81 percent of the candidates have graduated in the last 12 years.

During this time, there were 1.097 pupils who got the 10 mark, with the most of them-138 in 2010, 126 in 2013, 125 in 2009 and the least in 2008- 51.

2,236,964 candidates have taken the final high school exam, with 88,649 missing. The truancy peak registered in 2013, when over 13,000 candidates have stopped away.

This year, the highest pass percentage registered in Cluj (83.42 pc), Brasov (80.53 pc), Bacau (79.97 pc) and Sibiu (77.69 pc). In Bucharest 70.22 pc have passed the baccalaureate, rising by 2.2 percent compared to last year.

The counties below 50 pc pass rate were Giurgiu (37.33 pc), Ilfov (41.90 pc) and Teleorman (44.31 pc).

55 high schools where 450 pupils studied registered a 0 pc graduation rate, while in 42 high schools all those 3,500 pupils have graduates.

Education minister Sorin Campeanu said that those 55 high schools with 0 pc graduation rate had no graduates for years, so the ministry is considering dissolving these educational units.

The baccalaureate has up to 5 modules, each one graded separately. Module E, the written examination, is the one considered for admission to higher education. The marking scale is between 1 and 10. In order to pass, students must obtain at least 5.00 in every subject with a minimum 6.00 overall.

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