Back-kick to the communist-era parades? 3yo girl led to turn a somersault during parade occasioned by PM Dancila’s visit to Pitesti

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The mass media reported over the weekend and also released photos of the event prepared by the local authorities in Pitesti, Arges county, on the occasion of the visit paid by PM Viorica Dancila in the city on Friday morning.

Attending the event called the “Tulips’ Symphony” in a city dubbed as one of the Social Democrat fiefs, the premier, accompanied by ministers Carmen Dan and Gabriela Gavrilescu, alongside the city’s mayor and prefect, was welcomed by a parade staged by several kindergarten kids, dressed in tricolor costumes, who marched before the podium where the officials were standing. The parade included flower floats and shows performed by pupils.

Moreover, a photo released in the media featured a 3-year-old girl drawn by her gymnastics teacher to turn a somersault, practically to stand on her head directly on the asphalt, which stirred harsh comments. Many accused the teacher she had forced the little one to turn a somersault, although the little girl seemed to be scared, as recordings revealed.

The education law bans children from attending public parades without the parents’ consent.

In retort, the teacher reacted on Facebook, saying in a post that the children “must not be politicized”, but supported, without yet explaining why the girl had to turn the somersault in the first place.

We are attending The Tulips’ Symphony with pleasure and pride for the county of Arges. It is a special event for all the city’s inhabitants and children are enthusiast and proud to attend it for the county they were born in and they are eagerly marching with lots of pleasure before all people, not only before the authorities,” the teacher said.

The Arges general school inspector explained to on Monday that the girl was part of a private school club, “eventually affiliated to the Romanian gymnastics federation”.

Tudosoiu Dumitru has repeatedly said that the press is politicizing the event, adding the Tulips’ Symphony has been organized  in the city for 41 years.

My kid hasn’t attended the parade this year because of the cold, but he attended last year and two years ago and I felt very proud seeing him nicely dressed and with flowers in his hands,” the inspector commented.

On the other side, the Liberal deputy Ovidiu Raetchi, retorted that the 3yo girl case in Pitesti should not only cause a Facebook uproar, but it must lead to a draft law that should ban children from being involved in public activities for a political purpose.

The parades held in Romania during the communism, to celebrate 23 August, the National Day of Romania in Ceausescu’s time, have become famous for bringing huge masses of people, from kindergarten kids to adults representing various professions, on stadiums and national arenas. While their official purpose was to present the accomplishment of the communist regime, they in fact were dramatically contrasting with the pauper realities of the country back then, being used as a propaganda tool for the political regime and for the glorification of the communist ruler Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife.

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