Bad weather ahead: two code yellow alerts for rains and storms issued

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Bad weather is still lingering over Romania. The National Meteorology Administration has issued two code yellow alerts for heavy rainfalls and instability in the atmosphere. The first warning is valid as of Sunday through Monday morning in over 10 ten counties in southeastern country, and the second one will be in force as of Monday at noon until Tuesday morning in over half of Romania.

The first code yellow alert is valid as of today, 4 p.m. until Monday, 6 a.m.

There will be torrential rains, thunderstorms, storms and hail in Banat, Crișana, western and southwestern Transylvania and locally in Oltenia. Falls will exceed 15 liters/sqm and even 50-60l/sqm in some areas.

The second code yellow warning is valid as of Monday at 12:00hr until Tuesday at 06:00hr.

The instability and rainfalls will seize most part of Transylvania, Maramures, northern and western Moldavia, Oltenia and northern and northwestern Muntenia, with falls exceeding 25l/sqm and even 40-60l/sqm.

Storms have already played havoc in northern Moldavia. Inhabitants in Botosani, northeastern Moldavia, have been warned over dangerous weather phenomena on Saturday, through the RO-ALERT system, as a first.

The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations has sent the warning after weathermen had issued a code orange alert for dangerous phenomena-strong storms, wind gusts reaching 80kmph, and small size hail.

Find shelter, don’t stay under trees and electrical poles, drive cautiously”, reads the RO-ALERT message.

Storms have wreaked havoc in other areas of the Moldavia region as well.

3,000 families ran out power in seven localities in Bacau county.

A tree fell down on a national road linking Botosani to Dorohoi, blocking the traffic.

A 15-minute torrential rain messed up traffic in the area of Burdujeni railway station in Suceava. As the sewage system of the city did not cope up with the falls, the railway station’s parking turned into a small lake.

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