Bad weather alerts for the coming days, blizzard and rainfalls countrywide

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The National Meteorology Administration has issued several weather alerts for the coming days. The first warning is a code yellow alert for snowfalls and blizzard in north-west and centre on Tuesday and Wednesday. A code orange alert has been issued to signal rainfalls in most part of regions, and a code yellow alert for wind in Bucharest, starting Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, it is raining in the west, north-west and centre of Romania, while mixed falls will prevail in the mountains. The rains will gradually turn to sleet and snowfalls in the regions surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday and it will start snowing in the mountains and in northern Moldavia. The falls will exceed 20-25 liters per sqm, and even 34-40liters/sqm in some regions.

The wind will blow with speeds ranging from55 to 65kmph in the western and central territories, while wind gusts on the mountain peaks will reach over 90kmph.

Wind will also be deep and strong especially in southern Oltenia and there will be conditions for glaze ice.

ANM has also issued a code orange alert for consistent falls on February 4, from 15:00hrs to 23:00hrs. The targeted regions are the mountain areas of Cluj, Sălaj, Bihor, Arad, Timiș, Hunedoara, Maramureș, Bistrița-Năsăud and Caraș Severin.

Another code yellow alert has been issued for February 5, 08:00hrs through February 5, 10:00hrs, involving strong wind, snowfalls and blizzard in the mountains, as well as in Moldavia, and locally in Muntenia and Dobruja.

Snowfalls, sleet and rains will prevail in the eastern regions, with snowfalls in the mountains and northern Moldavia and sleet and rains in the rest.

It will rain on Wednesday night in the mountains, in northern and central Moldavia, southern Moldavia, Dobruja and most part of Muntenia. Wind will blow with 60-70kmph in these regions, and with 90-100kmph in the mountains.
In the second part of Wednesday and in the first part of the night from Wednesday to Thursday the wind will intensify in the western and central regions, with gusts reaching 60kmph.

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