Bamboo fire extinguished: 40 heard so far, 4 injured remain hospitalized

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Investigators are continuing hearings on Monday related to the Bamboo fire case, with the club owner also expected. At the same time, the fire has been extinguished, although firefighters had tracked down a fire hole in the central area of the club, generating smoke. The possibilities of raking it out from the outside were limited, and thus the firemen were monitoring the area. The Bucharest Inspectorate for Emergency Situations kept a fire engine on the scene to monitor potential fire holes, which are still not extinguished.

As for the injured, four people who needed medical care following the fire are still admitted in hospital on Monday. Three are admitted at Floreasca and one at Pantelion emergency hospitals. At Floreasca, two patients are admitted to the orthopedics ward and one at the toxicology ward.

Medical sources told Agerpres that the female patient initially intubated after the fire has a favorable evolution.

The Pantelimon hospital manager said the patient admitted at their medical unit will stay here until Wednesday for monitoring.

Meanwhile, hearings continue today, the Bamboo club owner also being heard.

While leaving the Bucharest Police center on Monday afternoon, the club owner, Joshua Castellano stated that the fire had started in an area that was normally closed down.

“The fire started from an area that was normally closed down, out of service. They called me and I was there at that moment, I saw it… It’s very strange how the fire burst out and extended at that moment. When I saw the fire, I ordered the evacuation. There was immediate evacuation and people got out the club. Someone might be involved in this,” the Italian said after hearings. He said the fire could not have caused by the electric devices or by the cigarettes smoked inside the club.

Joshua Castellano claims there were 700-800 people in the Bamboo club that night, while the total capacity of the premise was for 1,300-1,400 people.

20 people have been subpoenaed at the Bucharest Police center on Sunday, among whom there was also the club’s administrator who came accompanied by his lawyer, employees and customers. Overall, 40 people have been heard these days.

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