‘Basin’ protest in front of the Bucharest City Hall over lack of heating, warm water shortages in the Capital

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Tens of Liberals have staged a protest in front of the Bucharest City Hall against the lack of heating and warm water in some districts, asking mayor Gabriela Firea precise deadlines in solving these problems. The brought basins, hinting that Bucharesters are forced to resort to basins to wash themselves, like in the old times.

“Bucharest is by far in a deplorable state, for the general mayor feels more like partying through concerts and festivals and less taking care of the people’s comfort in their flats. We are desperately calling for civilisation in Bucharest against a person who is lying to our face. Things are going bankrupt in Bucharest because the general mayor, although she had European Commission funds at her hand, took no interest in accessing this money”, said Labour minister Violeta Alexandru, who joined the protest.

Protesters were carrying basins and placards reading: “Firea is a stone-cold liar”, “We don’t want carnival, Mrs. Firea, we want heating”, ‘You don’t die of hypothermia in a democracy”.

More districts in Bucharest have run out of heating and warm water due to some ongoing works RADET has been conducting in the case of broken old water pipes.

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