Bear breaks into Postăvarul chalet in Brasov, steals sugar, box of chocolates


A bear which has been trying to enter the Postăvarul chalet twice the past days has succeeded in destroying the entrance door of the chalet on Friday night. The bear was chased away by the chalet keeper and by the gendarme who is permanently deployed at the chalet, but before that, it managed to steal a bag of sugar and a box of chocolates.

The bear was chased away at a distance of 50 metres from the chalet.

The Environment Ministry has approved early this week the capture of two bear specimens. One of the bears had attacked in Sebes village near Fargaras last month and the other one had attacked in Bârsa area.

Another bear had attacked a young man in Hârseni locality last week and another one a 14-year-old little girl in Făgăraș town, while on her way to school.

Bears are getting down from the mountain in Răcădău district almost every night. They usually look for food in the garbage dumpsters.

On September 1 this year, Environment Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu signed on an order by which 140 wild bears will be killed, despite the protests of animal lovers, who blame the initiative.

I have signed this order. There’s no connection with hunting quotas, it is a clear procedure for the cases of people attacked by bears,” Minister Gavrilescu said.

During a meeting in Ploiesti (60 km north of Bucharest) Gavrilescu said the number of bears in Romania has exceeded 7,000, more than allowed by other European countries.

I have assumed the order for intervention quotas for bears and wolves, so that the population is out of danger. Whatever will happen next week, some people might take to the streets to protest, to say we need to protect the bears… yes, we protect the bears, but we don’t want to put the citizens in peril. It’s not a hunting quota, it is an intervention quota for citizens’ safety. I will not give up this order,” Minister Gavrilescu said.

Later on she explained the order is nationwide, not for each county.

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