Bear walks for hours on Brasov streets, from the railway station to the mall

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Inhabitants in Brasov mountain city in central Romania have been alerted through RO-ALERT system on Tuesday that a bear is running around the city. Initially some eyewitnesses have caught the bear on camera and called 112. The bear has been first spotted near the city’s railway station, then, some few kilometers away on the street hosting the city’s passport registry.

Firefighters and gendarmes, but also a SMURD ambulance have been deployed in the area. People have been advised to avoid those locations.

We have got calls that a bear has been seen on Garii Boulevard in Brasov, then on Turnului street. There is also a mall nearby. We have signals that the bear would have left those areas and headed to a field near Brasov,” Ciprian Sfreja, spokesperson of the Brasov police told Digi24.

Bears have not gone into hibernation yet this year, as they should have been, so there are more and more frequent cases when they are coming down in the cities looking for food. Last night, gendarmes have chased away two mama bears with their cubs in Busteni mountain resort. They were sniffing around the trash cans searching for food.

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