Bear who scared people in the Cantacuzino Castle’s area, relocated to another forest in Romania


A bear that had got used to pop up in the area of Cantacuzino Castle in Zamora district, Busteni mountain resort (Prahova Valley) and which scared tourists and locals, has been taken to another forest in Romania, not before it should had been equipped with a tracking device.

Cantacuzino Castle

According to a local hunting fund official, the 4-year-old male bear has been relocated to another forest, far away from Busteni. However, it has been equipped with a tracking device in order to be monitored.

The hunting official said that, although he had filed more complaints, he only received green light to relocate just one bear, despite the fact that there are 15 bears in the area that scare people.

The official, Alin Nisipeşiu said there are about 50 bears in Sinaia-Busteni area, while the optimal number is 12. He explained that food barriers are placed in the woods, but bears prefer to get down in the mountain resorts to look for food in the dumpsters.

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