Bears from Zarnesti Sanctuary studied by vets from all over the world

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Over 120 future veterinarians from all over the world are rejoining at the ‘Libearty’ Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti on Friday, the largest brown bear reserve in the world.

The future vets are part of the International Veterinary Students Association, while the event is an absolute first for Romania, the representatives of the ‘Millions of Friends’ Animal Protection Association told a press release quoted by Agerpres.

Those over 120 vet students will be able to observe the life and behavior of the bears in their natural habitat, as well as their affections. Many of the students come from countries where there are no more bears at large, so it’s going to be a unique experience for them.

Zarnesti brown bear reserve was set up in 2005 and it houses 79 bears rescued from various private shelters set up at restaurants, hotels, circuses or even monasteries across Romania, where they lived in unsuitable conditions.

For instance, a female bear hosted by Libearty bear sanctuary was rescued in 2007 from captivity in a gas station.

The reserve lies on 70 hectares and it’s located in the forest to give the animals their wild life back.

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