Belarusian rescued from an improvised boat drifting on the Black Sea


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A man from Belarus, on a makeshift boat that was drifting on the Black Sea, was rescued by Romanian border guards near the locality of Mangalia. He said he had planned to reach South America. The man has requested asylum in Romania, reports.

“On July 3, 2016, at 23.11h, a small boat that was drifting about 12 nautical miles in the direction of Mangalia was detected by using the surveillance system SCOMAR. Immediately, the border guards intervened and identified an improvised boat (built on a boat body, with rooftop, mast with canvas and cans) where there is a male person,” the release reads.

The man was taken aboard the border police vessel.

Because he was dehydrated and was suffering from hypothermia, he was taken to hospital. Following checks it was found he is a citizen of Belarus, aged 56.

He said he left late last month from Ukraine, on a beach located 30 kilometres from Odessa, and planned to arrive in South America.

The man was released from hospital and was handed over to Constanta Immigration Service on Tuesday. He requested asylum in Romania and will be taken to the refugee centre in Galati (eastern Romania).

The Constanta border guards are investigating him for the crime of illegal border crossing.


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