Below 4pct of the Romanian population has COVID-19 antibodies


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Health minister Nelu Tataru told Europa FM today that only 3.8% of those 7,832 blood samples collected from the people who recovered from COVID-19 have antibodies, while 6% of the population nationwide has become immune after being infected with the novel coronavirus.

The minister added that the European average and the countries where the infection rate has been higher reported 5-6% immunization rate, so Romania has a lower immunization rate.

“We have ongoing studies showing that part of the subjects can develop antibodies to a higher extent, while others less, and there are some that develop no antibodies at all”, the minister explained.

He said that the cost of the COVID-19 tests that have been done so far and will be done until January next year in Romania is mounting to EUR 178 million, and that the national authorities are currently assessing the situation so that this money could be recovered on European projects.

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