Bird flu case again in Romania


The National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) has confirmed the presence of the bird flu virus, subtype H5N8, on Romanian territory.

In the morning of November 22, 2016, following the notification of mortality observed in wild swans, the inspectors from the DSVSA Constanta went to the Constanta port area. Here, the corpse of a swan was found that has been sent to the County Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Laboratory (LSVSAJ) in Constanta to perform emergency analyses, informs.

They also inspected the entire port of Constanta area; no other bird bodies were identified.

According to procedures, on November 23, 2016, following the LSVSAJ Constanta results, the suspicion of bird flu was notified, epidemiological investigation of suspected IA was conducted, followed by preparing the GIS maps, drawing up the measures scheme.

Also, the European Commission has been notified about this suspicion.

Following the issue of the IDSA analysis report, confirming the presence of the bird flu virus, subtype H5N8, the disease has been declared, the authority informs.

According to the plan of measures and to the sanitary veterinary legislation in force, two areas of veterinary restrictions were established around the location where the dead wild swan was identified, namely a protection zone with a radius of 3 km and a surveillance zone with a radius of 10 km, which includes the protection zone around the above mentioned location.

Within these sanitary veterinary restricted zones there is no commercial poultry farm, only households.

“By this time, according to the information we have, apart from the previously mentioned case, there is no suspicion of occurrence of bird flu in poultry and in the birds wild population on Romanian territory,” ANSVSA informs.

Hitherto Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria have notified Brussels for bird flu outbreaks this month on their territory.

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