Blaze in Domogled National Park, Mehedinti County, more than 10 hectares affected


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A massive blaze broke out in Domogled National Park, Mehedinţi County on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday morning the intervention of the firemen from Turnu Severin and Orşova was in full swing. The representative of ISU Mehedinţi has told Realitatea TV that he expects the fire to be extinguished by Wednesday evening if the weather does not change.

Tuesday evening the fire had already extended on ​​about 10 hectares of black pine forest. The area is inaccessible, being situated on rocky slopes. A helicopter was required to perform the recognition of the area, in the area of Târniţa Forestry Field, Vârful lui Stan.

Another request was for a helicopter equipped with a Bambi Bucket type extinguisher from the General Inspectorate of Aviation of the Interior Ministry, to support the efforts of fire-fighters on the ground.

“We anticipate that, if the weather does not change, until tonight it will be liquidated,” said the representative of ISU Mehedinţi for Realitatea TV.

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