Blue Air airliner, having 135 passengers on board, emergency return on Henri Coanda Airport

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A Blue Air airliner, on route from Bucharest to Palma de Mallorca, has returned Thursday morning on the runway and landed at Henri Coanda Airport after the commander declared emergency, for technical reasons, the National Bucharest Airports Company informs.

“The flight 0B 9247 Bucharest – Palma de Mallorca, belonging to Blue Air, took off from Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest at 9.00h. After the take-off, at 09.09h, the commander of the airplane declared state of emergency for technical reasons. Henri Coanda has set up an emergency team according to the standard procedures,” reads a press release issued by the company.

The airliner landed safely at 09.41. On board were 135 passengers and the crew.

Air traffic at Henri Coanda Airport takes place under normal conditions.

According to the Boarding Pass aviation portal, to blame for the emergency return on Henri Coanda airport is one of the airliner’s engines that allegedly has failed. The airliner landed in good conditions on the 08R/26L runway, being accompanied by fire-fighters.

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