BNS, Cartel Alfa, 39 NGOs urge people to ask for the Gov’t resignation in the street

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Trade union confederations BNS and Cartel Alfa, next to other 39 NGOs and civic groups, urge Romanians to take to the street asking for the immediate resignation of the Government and of the Chamber’s and Senate’s speakers.

They ask for the withdrawal of the justice laws, while calling on “every Romanian to ask the Parliament to veto the ordinance that amends the fiscal legislation on Sunday, November 26, at 6 p.m.”

Romania has reached the most severe moments in its post-communist history, comparable to the miners’ riots in the 90s, to the economic crisis and the public salary cuts in 2010,” reads a press release signed by the trade union confederations BNS and Cartel Alfa and by 39 NGOs.

According to them, as of January 1, 2018, the burden of the social responsibility will be exclusively borne by the employees, and the pay rise promises for the public employees have melt down in phantasmagoric explanations about the gross and the net, while the price rises are obvious.

Our pensions are in danger by the cut of the personal contributions to the private deposits within the Pension Pillar II. The budget for the healthcare has dropped; the political control has been restored, while the rights of the patients are abused on a daily basis. Investments have decreased to a critical level, while the public debt is higher and higher (…) Employees are less and less protected, and the risk of social inequity rather ranks us in the eastern area of the EU. In brief, the current ruling coalition supports theft, inefficacy, chaos and the lack of transparency, claiming they have won elections with a ruling programme that they don’t respect,” the release says.

BNS is made of 34 professional federations representing the rights and interests of the employees from 17 activity sectors. Cartel Alfa consists of 41 professfional federations.

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