BNS to stage protest against tax code in December, joins civil society against justice laws

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BNS trade union decided on Tuesday to stage a protest in Bucharest on December 12, to voice discontent over the amendments to the tax code that affect the Romanian employees.

We mustn’t let this topic to be tackled behind close doors for we talk about the fate of all citizens in this country, not about the fate of a political leader or another. We have two hot issues on the agenda: the famous transfer of the social contributions, the tax code amendments and the amendment of law 62, which means the hedges from the national legislation affecting the rights of every worker in Romania,” said BNS leader, Dumitru Costin (photo).

He argued that these measures will affect all employees, both those in the public sector or in private companies.

“Those working in small and medium enterprises will have too pay the most,” Costin said.

BNS leader also announced that the trade unionists will join the civil society’s protests against the justice laws.

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