BOR complains that Orthodox churches are less than the ones of other cults


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The Orthodox believers representing 86.45% of the Romanian population hold about 60 % of the offices for worship, while the other cults count for 40%, reports quoting a 2015 survey on the offices for worship in Romania published by the State Secretariat for Cults.

According to the Romanian Patriarchy, out of those 16,403 Orthodox offices for worship, only 13,511 are parochial churches, the other ones being cemetery chapels and monastery churches, which means a church is serving 1,2000 believers.

The Orthodox Romanian Church (BOR) says that only 3,191 churches have been built in those 26 years after the 1989 Revolution, while the other cults representing 13.55% of the total population erected 5,222 offices for worship.

BOR also informs that it ranks seventh on churches built during 1989-2015, with a 35% rise.

On the other hand, the Pentecostal cult reported a 268.8% rise on building offices for worship, the Adventist -199.2% rise, Christians after Gospel- 170%, Baptist cult-113.7%, the Russian Orthodox Church-45.6%, while the Reformed Church- 35.47%.

On average, one Pentecostal church serves 122 believers, the Adventist church serves 64 people, the Christians after Gospel- one church reported to 93 people and the Baptists have one church serving 72 believers.

In Bucharest, there are 260 Orthodox churches serving a population of almost 1.6 million inhabitants, which means an office for worship for 6,108 people, states.

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