BOR conditions talks regarding taxation on restitution or compensation of property seized by the Romanian state

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The Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) agrees that a ‘discussion’ regarding the taxation of the Church’s revenues could be carried out, but only on condition that this question is “approached jointly with the issue of restitution or compensation of all church properties confiscated by the Romanian state, so that the Church can have the necessary resources for maintenance and to support its social and philanthropic work,” reads a BOR release quoted by Digi 24.
“Until now, the Romanian Orthodox Church was given back only a small fraction of its properties confiscated by the communist regime,” reads the release.
Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said, a week ago, that a possible discussion on the taxation of several incomes of the church could take place at the end of the year.
The press release added that “a few days ago, the Romanian Patriarchy explained in a press release that the revenues cashed by the Church are spent on salaries, utilities, on the maintenance of important heritage worship places and other church buildings, on sustaining significant social and philanthropic and educational-cultural works for the Romanian society and for Romanian communities abroad.”
“The media pressure for a possible taxation of the Church’s incomes aims to diminish its support for social and educational activities and for its social and philanthropic role and thus a diminution of the Romanian Orthodox Church’s role in society,” reads the release.

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