BOR plans to stage the widest rally in its recent history in support of ‘the traditional Christian family ‘


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The Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) announced a national rally to support the values of the traditional Christian family on March 25.

It’s for the first time that BOR is organizing such a wide manifestation. The decision was taken in the Holy Synod on Thursday. The high-ranking religious officials renewed the appeal to dialogue and social responsibility amid massive protests lately, prompted by the controversial adoption of the EO amending the criminal codes.

The national march for life 2017 is called “Help mother and child. They depend on you” and is scheduled to take place on March 25, when the Annunciation is celebrated.

At the same time, amid current emigration, BOR Holy Synod urges ‘all parents who are working abroad to either take their children with them or to come back home to them, arguing the children are suffering for their parents’ absence.’

A week ago amid massive anti-corruption protests in Romania, Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church made a “call to prayer” saying that “we need more than ever the peacemaker” for conflicts between people, society or between nations.

“(…) The fight against corruption should continue and the guilty ones must be punished as theft and stealing degrade the society in moral and material terms. Also, the fight against corruption should not be used for political partisanship, whereas punishment and the use of prisons should not be confused with extermination, since their purpose is the straightening and social reintegration of those who recognize and regret the bad deeds they have committed,” the Patriarch’s letter reads.


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