Bran Castle lost millions of euros due to the pandemic


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Half of the employees of Bran Castle have been fired due to the crisis prompted by the coronavirus pandemic. Only 67 out of 115 employees will remain to work in the castle as of October 1.

With over one million tourists and sales of near EUR 7 million reported in 2018 and a profit of EUR 3.4 million, Bran Castle had losses of 90% this year due to the pandemic.

Foreign tourists, the main visitors of the castle, could not travel to Romania anymore and visit the castle, known as a symbol of Dracula spirit.

Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, initially named Turciu, was built in 1388 in the Rucar Bran area and is one of the main tourist sights in Romania and probably the main attraction for the majority of foreign tourists coming to Romania.

The Bran Castle ranked among the Most Popular Fictional Homes For Lockdown in a survey revealed in April this year.

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