Brasov local leader Cancescu set free despite heavy corruption charges


The wealthy local baron will be judged on non-custodial interrogation.

Brasov County Council’ leader, Aristotel Cancescu was set free late last night, following a Supreme Court decision, which however is not final and can be challenged by the prosecutors. Cancescu is charged with corruption, precisely with bribery, influence peddling and abuse of office. More precisely investigators suspect Cancescu of preferentially rendering public money contracts to companies whose owners were close to him, with heavy bribes at stake. For example, anti-corruption prosecutors assert one of the companies that received substantial discounts from Cancescu built an entire tennis court at the local leader’s Rasnov residence. Brasov County Council’s president has an impressive summerhouse in Rasnov, a real well guarded fortress, on the fringe of the wood. Beyond the tall ring face lays a true branch, a zoo included, according to Horses, deer and all kind of birds (even a bear was rumored) are residing the domain.

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