Brasov Prosecutors open investigation on how the survey allowing the killing of 1,700 animals from protected species was conducted

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The Prosecutor’s Office upon the Brasov Court of Appeal is investigating the way the survey allowing the killing of 1,700 animals from protected species was conducted, survey which was the basis of an Environment Minister’s order. The order has been suspended this week by the Environment Minister.

According to the source, the prosecutors have launched an investigation in rem for possible offenses of forgery, abuse of office and conflict of interest, given that among those who conducted the study are hunters as well.

The Ministry of Environment has suspended on Tuesday the issuance of the Order of the Minister proposing the shooting of 1,691 strictly protected wild animals: 552 bears, 657 wolves and 482 wild cats.

“The hundreds of messages we have received on various channels, have confirmed that we made the right choice and I am glad to see that biodiversity protection is triggering so much interest among Romanians,” Environment Minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer wrote on her Facebook page.

Subsequently, also on Tuesday, academician Dan Munteanu, Chairman of the Committee for Protection of Natural Monuments (CMN) told he would not endorse the current form of the project that allows shooting the animals.

In addition, several petitions online, urging the ministry to withdraw the project, have been posted.

About 5,000 wild animals of protected species (2,374 bears, 1,586 wolves and 898 wild cats) were ‘harvested’ in Romania during 2007-2015 following the derogations established by Ministerial Order under art. 16 of the EU’s Habitats Directive.

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