Brazilian model married to a Romanian, blocked on Otopeni airport due to visa expiration

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An internationally renowned Brazilian model, Eloisa Birleanu, married to a Romanian national, was blocked on the Henri Coandă airport (Otopeni) in Bucharest for three days because her legal residence visa had expired. The young woman spent three days and three nights in the transit area of the Border Police.

“She has stayed in Romania as a tourist and the law stipulates you are allowed to stay 90 days without visa during a period of 180 days. She overran this deadline and she returned to Romania after a week. My colleagues couldn’t allow her enter the country. She could buy an air-travel ticket and leave, but she chose to stay in the airport for three days,” said Fabian Bădilă, representative of the Border Police.

He also stated the woman might have obtained a visa of family reunification, but she haven’t done it either.

Eventually, the Brazilian model left for Milan on February 23, after she had to pay a RON 600 fine for exceeding those 90 days that she might have spent without visa in Romania.

Eloisa’s husband, Romanian Andrei Birleanu, also a model, accused the delayed feedback of the Romanian authorities when answering the requests filed by foreign citizens. According to Pro TV, the young couple recounted that they had to wait for 4 months so that the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, the Romanian tax revenue body, should legalise the lease of their house.

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