Brexit makes UK universities less attractive for future Romanian students

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Romanian students are less interested in studying in UK amid Brexit, according to Premium Edu, provider of educational consultancy services.

Following a survey, the agency noted that as UK’s political uncertainties about its exit from the European Union have worsened, the number of Romanian students who have chosen to attend UK university courses in the academic year 2019-2020 decreased by almost 30% compared to the in the agency’s data from 2018. The agency also notes an increase in parents’ interest towards private university offers from the continental area of ​​the European Union.

The year 2019 continued to be dedicated to alternative educational offer solutions amid declining demand for U.K. university offers, a trend noted since 2018. As uncertainty over the study visa regime in the UK has increased on top of uncertainty regarding credit granting procedures from the British Government, parents and prospective students from Romania turned their attention towards educational offers coming from countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland or Italy. Moreover, the agency notes a decrease in the demand for study offers in the United Kingdom in 2019 by almost 30% compared to the previous year, this tendency being correlated with increased need for predictive educational systems. Parents interested in finding the best study options for their children have pushed forward the demand for educational offers coming from Switzerland’s private universities.

The agency monitors the evolution of socio-political trends in Europe and the demand on the labour market in the European Union in order to recommend universities offering niche courses, in line with HR requirements. That is why we have diversified our educational offer and public funded study programmes, amid increasing worries regarding UK’s university centres being affected by Brexit. Moreover, we are preparing to organise an educational fair dedicated to university and post-university niche courses in business studies, innovation, management and arts”, said Mihaela Haiduc, Director of Education and Learning.

However, despite the uncertainties created by Brexit, the top universities such as Oxford University (photo), Imperial College of London, University of Arts and Cambridge University remain of great interest to the Romanian public, those wishing to study at these top universities being prepared to face any challenges and consequences in case of a no deal Brexit. All Premium Edu students who are currently studying in the UK are comfortable and satisfied with their chosen study progammes, despite the fact that the entire process of advising and choosing the fields of study has been challenging.

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