Bribe for bachelor’s degrees. Over 100 searches in a corruption case targeting academic teachers and students

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106 searches are ongoing in Caras Severin, Hunedoara and Timis counties (western Romania) on Wednesday morning in a suspected corruption case related to the university graduation exams and the bachelor’s degrees. Academic teachers, current and former students are targeted. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the professors are suspected that they would have received money and goods from the students to give them good marks at the bachelor’s degree exams.

Investigators say that several foreign students would have paid to pass the exams at “Vasile Goldis” and “Aurel Vlaicu” universities in Arad. 36 people are investigated.

The indictment revealed that some foreign students attending the courses in the Romanian language don’t know or don’t understand Romanian and yet they all passed the annual exams in exchange for money,” prosecutors say.

The investigation also disclosed the way that these students were helped to pass the exams in exchange for bribe. They would have got the correct answers for the grid tests during exams, through SMS messages on the phone sent by the university’s programmers.

In some other situations, the students had their marks up, with the programmers illegally accessing the software for the student’s academic records and amending them so that those students should graduate.

Sometimes, the programmers would directly enter the student’s electronic account and revise the answers of the online tests.

Moreover, prosecutors claim that students would have bought directly from the professors the graduation theses, including the power point presentations that were needed for the oral examination when the students were presenting the papers.

Investigators say that some real criminal groups have been set up in those universities, consisting in professors, secretaries, programmers, current and former students. In their turn, the students who used to bribe professors to pass the exams would become mediators for other colleagues, the Prosecutor’s Office says.

A way to receive the money in exchange for the graduation was to let it at some exchange offices whose owners were friends of the professors.

The president and the founding rector of “Vasile Goldis” West University in Arad, Aurel Ardelean, said the prosecutors are targeting the medicine faculties.

The university has the Medicine Faculty, the Dental Medicine Faculty and the Pharmacy Faculty.

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