Brits in Romania starting to join “Romanians adopt Remainians” campaign


Several British joined the “Remainia” campaign when Brits who want to stay in the EU can choose to be ‘adopted’ by Romanians.

One of them is Rachel Sargent, settled down in Romania for quite a while, since 1994. She came from London to Bucharest to work for a consultancy company and to visit our country and the Eastern Europe for about two years, but she remained for another three or four years and she is still here.

She is based in Alba Iulia and owns a small business, The London Street Atelier, providing hand made food with a “Cool Britannia” twist, sort of catering business for all kind of parties.

She already felt she was kind of adopted here, so it was no problem at all for her to make an ID card within the ‘Romanians adopt Remainians’ campaign. “I voted Remain, I shall remain. I’ve just been adopted by a Romanian. I believe in a united Europe and a Romanian made it possible for me to still be a part of it”, reads her notice posted on Facebook. Now Rachel Sargent-escu, she urged Brits to come and see Romania’s beauty, that they are seldom judge at second hand.

I don’t know why, but I feel like home here. I like the Latin spirit, I like the creative sense,” she told Gandul.

John McKellar, another British citizen living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania joined the campaign. “Thanks Rachel Sargent for making me aware – my application for Remainian citizenship has been accepted. McKellarescu, it is!”, he posted on Facebook.

Originary from Perth, Scotland, he used to live in Bucharest but relocated to Cluj; he is Head of Donor Development la Blythswood Romania, a charity NGO based in Floresti, Cluj.

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