Bucharest City Hall files criminal complaint, says the statue of Emperor Trajan with the wolf was made of brass instead of bronze


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The statue of Emperor Trajan, which is placed on the steps of the History Museum in Bucharest, is allegedly made of brass, not of bronze, as it should have been, according to the contract.

The charges come from the Bucharest City Hall, as the Administration of Monuments and Artistic Heritage with the City Hall has filed a criminal complaint in this respect, G4Media informs.

It seems that in 2017, after the monument was vandalized, it was taken by the City Hall representatives to be repaired. Thus, the City Hall representatives have noticed that the statue is not made of bronze and there are suspicions about its authenticity.

“On the occasion of starting the rehabilitation of the monument by welding the sectioned elements, it was found that the material used for the public monument was not bronze, according to the contract, but of brass. In this regard the Administration of Monuments and Tourist Patrimony has filed a criminal complaint for deception, file no. 1346/P2017. Another issue that led to the postponement of the monument’s rehabilitation process was the unclear definition of the ownership of the copyright on the statue of Emperor Trajan,” the City Hall said.

When repaired, it is still unknown when, the statue will no longer be located on the Stairs of the History Museum but in the Floreasca Park in District 1.

“In this respect, at the beginning of March 2019, the Administration of Monuments and Tourist Patrimony requested the issuance of an Urbanism Certificate for the proposed location in Floreasca Park, District 1, Bucharest,” the City Hall added.

The statue is 2.15 meters high and, according to the contract, it should have been made of bronze. The statue was inaugurated in May 2012 by the former mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu.

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