Bucharest City Hall launches 4 applications: infoSTB, Parking Bucharest, Social alert Bucharest and Traffic alert Bucharest

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The Bucharest City Hall has launched for tests the first four mobile applications: infoSTB (public transport), Parking Bucharest, Social alert Bucharest, Bucharest Traffic alert. Bucharesters can test the applications and help with steps to optimize them.

“Bucharest is in a new stage of development, the transition to the” smart “status of the city, the inclusion of modern technology in the design and the use of public services, in order to increase their quality, and to enable Bucharest residents and visitors to access them easier. Bucharest City Hall is running a series of such projects as part of the recently completed Smart City Strategy, some of which are being implemented, also in the testing period,” the City Hall informs.

Four such projects involve the development of applications for the iOS or Android mobile phones that can be installed and used for free. These are intended to facilitate the access of Bucharest residents or visitors to public transport services, to the parking facilities managed by the City Hall or to optimize the communication of citizens with the local authorities.

The four mobile apps are already available to the public and are in the testing phase, and will be improved and optimized according to the feedback received from users.



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