Bucharest City Hall takes over the first 20 Otokar buses

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The Bucharest City Hall has announced, on Wednesday, that the first 20 buses, out of the 400 acquired from the OtokarOtomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi association, have been taken over.

They will be received at the Titan STB motor depot during October 31-November 2, ziare.com reports.

Mayor General, Gabriela Firea, said on Wednesday she is glad to announce the Bucharesters that “the new, modern buses, have arrived in the capital city. They are endowed with air conditioning, modern taxation system, they are accessible to all categories of passengers and have inside and outside video surveillance. The installed GPS technology allows the location in traffic and provides the passengers with information on waiting times and route distances.”

The City Hall also announces that other 80 units will be delivered by the end of the year and the rest of 300 next year.

The transaction value reaches EUR 100 million, VAT excluded. There are three types of buses: 320 buses 12 metres long, 50 buses 10.7 metres long and 30 buses 18 metres long.

The winner of the auction for the delivery of 400 new Euro 6 buses to the capital city was announced in mid-February.

photos: Bucharest City Hall

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