Bucharest City Hall to hold “The most beautiful façade” competition

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After controversial Easter figurines covering Bucharest, the City Hall is now launching a new project which is not far from criticism. Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea announced on Tuesday that the city hall plans to hold a contest called “The most beautiful façade”. Prizes will be granted for the most beautiful balconies, windows, courtyards and facades in Bucharest within a greening campaign and will consist in money, gardening items or local tax cuts.

We want to encourage and stimulate citizens, house tenants and private companies to join this effort to green and garnish Bucharest by launching, through Arcub, a competition consisting in money prizes and gardening items. The contest is related to the most beautiful façade, the most beautiful courtyard, the most beautiful balcony or the most beautiful window in Bucharest. More precisely, citizens can set up their courtyard, the green space in front of the block of flats or of the house, windows or balconies. For instance, we revamped the City Hall’s façade with several flower boxes with pelargonium and other ornamental flowers (…) In a future sitting I will table a draft on some local tax cuts for those who will join this greening effort,” said Firea.

She argued that this contest is inspired from similar rewards in other European big cities.

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