Bucharest City Hall to seize illegally parked cars as of today. Bucharest mayor-Ombudsman row

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The vehicles that are illegally parked on the streets in Bucharest are picked up starting today, August 26. Yet, the Bucharest City Hall’s decision has stirred controversies, with the Ombudsman asking the Capital Prefecture to challenge the decision in court, on the ground that vehicle impounds cannot be managed by the local policemen in Bucharest.

The goal of the Local Police, namely to pick up cars, is not intended to strip the Traffic Police of their tasks, but it is to respond as quickly as possible to a need to stop traffic congestion,” said Tudor Ionescu, Bucharest councilman.

Bucharest mayor herself retorted on Facebook, arguing that the Ombudsman led by Renate Weber “is encouraging the lack of common sense”.

How much will have drivers to pay to recover their cars?

Besides the fee to recover their seized cars, worth RON 500, drivers will also have to pay a fine for illegal parking and stopping, which could mount to RON 1,225 ( 5-point fine, with one point worth RON 145).

If a car is parked in a forbidden place more than 5 minutes, the fine is RON 725, plus the storage tax, worth RON 500.

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