‘Bucharest City Tour, A Trip with Sonia’ book that supports vulnerable communities during COVID-19 pandemic


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‘Bucharest City Tour, A Trip with Sonia’ is a children’s book in English, written by one of the youngest authors in Romania, Sonia Marta, who at only 12 years old is already completing her third editorial experience.

Through the book you can follow the journey of three friends going on school trip with Bucharest City Tour Bus, discovering many monuments along the way, learning facts and figures about some of the wonderful landmarks Bucharest has to offer. It was during online lessons at home, that Sonia took time to review it and decided to move further and also support a charity. This way she wants to think, over the years when looking back, that there is always something good to come of a difficult situation if you are creative.

‘Bucharest City Tour, A Trip with Sonia’ supports The Emergency Fund of Bucharest Community Foundation for the people and communities that are vulnerable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, donating 10% from profits.

Besides the help needed for hospitals, there is a need to support the elderly or vulnerable families that are isolated. The fund helps provide hygiene and sanitary products, staple food, medicine for chronic diseases, care in permanent and temporary shelters, or other products that are helping people or communities prevent the infection with the COVID-19 virus.

Sonia Marta was involved in various fund-raising projects at her school, and she invites Romanians and those from around the world to join her and endorse her initiative, helping to deliver her message and help it reach people around the world, while discovering the beautiful landmarks Bucharest has to offer, through children’s eyes. This is not a project just about Bucharest, it is for Bucharest, at the same time.

Marinela Cojocaru – UK, Pierre Maubouche – France, Tyler Hyrchuk – Canada, Lina Sinuan – Singapore, Yukiko Fujimura – Japan, Julie Fogerson – US, Romy Hooper – New Zealand, Aysel Salmanova – Azerbaijan and Luca Massaroli – Italy are supporting the initiative by reading an extract of the book. This way the English teachers can organize an interactive lesson about Bucharest, anywhere in the world.

‘Sonia is a very bright, creative, and lovely young lady. Nowadays, when kids are spending most of their spare time playing video games or visiting city malls, she reads books, enjoys going to the opera, and she writes. But she writes amazing! And I think that her dream – becoming a successful writer – will come true. Certainly, many families will join her trip and will discover or rediscover the beautiful city and its landmarks, as she did with her friends, with her family or with her school colleagues.’ says Oana Ionașcu, the book editor.

The English version of the book can be bought online and will be found in Autograf Network as soon as the stores will open.

Sonia Marta is an avid reader and loves the world of books, especially fiction. Her first book was published when she was 10 years old, on Children’s Day in 2018. Since then, she has met more than 1,000 children on her journey, visiting schools and kindergartens talking about the importance of reading and creativity. She published The Rapping Astronaut in April 2020.

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