Bucharest Council amends law on taxi. Dispatch office – compulsory, drivers banned to talk about politics, religion and sex


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The agenda of the Bucharest General Council (CGMB) has been supplemented on Tuesday with the draft to amend the law on taxi, then the decision was voted so that a dispatch office becomes compulsory, whereas the drivers are banned to talk about politics, religion and sex.

Bucharest Mayor General Gabriela Firea said that “taxi drivers cannot refuse the routes or ask for tips. They are not allowed to smoke and have to wear decent clothes, they should not talk on the phone or listen to loud music, they should not discuss sensitive topics which could be against the principles and convictions of the client in terms of religion, politics and sex. The taxi operations are to be conducted through a dispatch office.”

Firea added that all taxi drivers have to have the capability to allow the clients to pay by card.

The draft to amend the taxi law was launched at the beginning of December, following a meeting between the Confederation of Authorized Operators and Carriers in Romania (COTAR) with the city hall representatives. COTAR filed a series of claims on behalf of licensed taxi drivers, among them the unfair competition practiced by online application systems offering illegal taxi services.

COTAR representative, Vasile Stefanescu, reacted to the decision: “Let Uber and the other platforms take the legal way now. They need a dispatch office. In other European cities, when such regulations were imposed, Uber has left.”


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