Bucharest district 3 mayor filmed while riding his bike in a shut down park

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Robert Negoiță, the mayor of District 3 in Bucharest has been caught on camera while riding his bike in IOR Park in District 3, together with his lover.

Although the mayor tried to explain that he was not for a stroll, but that he was checking the park’s condition, images have actually contradicted him, as he was accompanied by his lover, he was wearing casual sports outfits and had a picnic basket.

All parks in Bucharest have been shut down during the state of emergency prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A woman who was riding the bike with her kids on a footbridge outside the park has caught the mayor on camera and then posted the pics on Facebook, with users admonishing the mayor for defying the lockdown measures.

“When I asked him why he is not observing the interdiction to stroll in the park, he replied to me: <I’m checking if everything is OK>, and this by riding the bike in shorts, with a picnic basket and his girlfriend next to him. After several other questions why the rest of the families with children are banned from walking in the park, he replied that he wasn’t him who had closed down parks or who had issued the military ordinance”, a Facebook user, Lilia Stana, said.

Later on, mayor Negoita posted on his Facebook account that he had been in the park because to check its maintenance that he had even found out some unsolved problems, such as “repairing needed on the street furniture and on the green areas in the park”.

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