Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea: Public and private parking will be charged as of this autumn

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Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea has said on Tuesday that people prefer to park on the public domain because it is not charged, although there are public and private parking lots. Firea said that, as of this autumn, no one will be able to park free of charge.

“As of this autumn, no one will be able to park free of charge anymore,” Firea said, adding that in the coming period a series of decisions will be implemented in order to streamline the traffic.

Among these decisions is the installation of ‘flashing green’ traffic lights, allowing the turn to the right and the connecting of over 400 traffic lights to the traffic management centre at major intersections.

At the same time, the mayor general announced that she hasn’t given up on the establishment of unique lanes for public transport. On such lanes will be able to run only the buses and trolleybuses of the Bucharest Transport Company (RATB).

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