Bucharest mayor, set to ban Uber, Taxify. What did Uber reply? Taxi drivers to protest next week


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Bucharest City Hall wants to ban online taxi services such as Uber and Taxify. Mayoress Gabriela Firea has recently met the representatives of the transporters, who complained of the disloyal competition of the companies providing online taxi services.

Firea announced after the meeting the Bucharest General Council (CGMB) would pass in its next sitting a draft resolution which will set clear rules for all that are practising taxi driving in Bucharest. More precisely, the new municipal regulation will ban „all taxi services that are not compliant with Law 38/2003 and the Tax Code.”

Among others, the new rules, the taxi operators will be compelled to have a civilized conduct, a proper language, clean cars and to guarantee the passengers’ safety.

According to the mayor’s press release, people and companies which are illegally practising taxi services don’t guarantee the citizens’ safety, as they are not subdued to any legal control.

CGMB will take a decision on the mayor’s proposal these days.

In a press release sent to our editorial office, Uber retorted that applications like Uber, carsharing and taxi services, as long as public transportation means, altogether are solutions to curtail the traffic jam, polution and can solve the parking issue in Bucharest.

Over 35,000 Bucharesters are counting on Uber for their daily rides and thousands of drivers make an extra income through the application and CONTRIBUTE TO THE PUBLIC BUDGET. We want to discuss the future of the transport industry with the municipality and with other decision makers in the sector to do the best for consumers and for the city. We think the dialogue is the best way to provide Bucharesters with the best transportation services,” Uber Romania officials stated.

Uber also says it is fiscalized and transparent, adding that all Uber rides come with an invoice. “Last year, for instance, 100 Uber partners have contributed by roughly RON 320,000 to the state budget, consisting in VAT, income tax, tax and salary contributions,” Uber Romania pointed out, while adding that its services are different from the taxi ones.

The US transportation company informed that over 15% of its users in Bucharest are tourists, quoting an IMAS survey saying that 1 in 4 Uber users is using his car less since he has Uber at hand.

On the other side, taxi drivers from Bucharest announced they would protest in Victoriei Square on December 13 and 14, to voice their discontent against the unfair competition made by the online carsharing platforms like Uber.

“Are these services authorized, do they have a practise license? Do they observe all legal provisions in the field? Moreover, who keep the 25% of the illegal incomes that have VAT and other taxes and fees? Why won’t they get an authorization in Romania?,” says a press release by the Authorized Transporters and Operations Confederation.

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  1. Jor says

    Unbelievable, The next move of Bucharest city to Shame their city.

    I work, live in Bucharest and have no drivers license, nor do i want one due to the “Uncontrolled driving style” of many people Incl, and mostly Taxi’s.
    But that’s not the issue, the continuous ripoff by 80% of the taxi drivers,
    Business partners had to pay 100 Lei from Otopeni Airport to Otopeni, as “Standard Tarif”.
    others paid over 200 lei to get from the airport to our offices.

    I myself have been in numerous discussions with Taxi drivers which meters showed 13 lei and wanted 25 lei or else….. threats and more….

    Taxi’s leaving you on the street in the middle of the night because the minimal price is suddenly 20 lei instead of the 8 lei till your home.
    Threats and bad behaviour of Taxi drivers in Bucharest make this City look bad.
    When the Lovely Mayor controls that kind of behaviour by creating Transportation laws that protect the passenger.
    The main reason why UBER is working so good in Bucharest is because the driver DOES get punished for their behaviour and the Customer CANNOT be ripped off.

    The lovely mayor should discuss with Taxi companies to not let their drivers drive for a lousy 1.39 RON per Km, sure these people drive those Taxi’s voluntary but it’s also the gasoline that makes the fire burn harder when it comes to ripping off customers, 1.39 RON is simply to low to survive.
    The lovely Mayor / The government should regulate Transportation, especially Taxi’s and i assure you UBER wouldn’t be needed.

    If this “Law” get pushed through i will be the one starting the petition to keep UBER because driving with Public transportation and or taxi’s in Bucharest is a NIGHTMARE and the only reason why UBER and or TAXIFY can exist.
    The TAXI company mafia need to be educated and LAWS must be provided to assure smooth travelling.

  2. Rob at OTP says

    Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear. I wonder how much money has been pushed under the table by the “Taxi Mafia” to the lady Major to try and push Uber out the market. It is very simple, Uber is not a taxi-service, it provides it’s members with transportation services for it’s members. The taxi system in Bucharest is a disgrace, taxi drivers ripping westerners off in their poorly maintained Logans. WAKE UP LADY MAYOR, why do you insist on pushing Romania back into the past rather than promoting companies like UBER which make a better service for the people? And you think communism is dead.

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