Bucharest mayor signs agreement to modernize the Capital’s district heating network


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The general mayor of Bucharest, Nicuşor Dan, announced on Monday that he signed the “agreement for the modernization of another 11 kilometers of the primary district heating network” of the Capital.

He says work will begin in January. “The works will start in January and will be carried out by the Energy Company. The segment to be modernized is related to the Grozăveşti line and is part of the 40 kilometers of district heating network put up for auction in 2021.”

I am aware that the problem of district heating is a vital one and I assure the inhabitants of the Capital that we are doing everything possible to correct this situation generated by the indolence of the previous administrations”, Nicusor Dan posted on Facebook.

In November last year, the Bucharest Municipal Thermal Energy Company (CMTEB) announced that it was carrying out works to repair some damage to the district heating pipes, in several areas in sectors 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Capital. The mayor general of the capital later stated, regarding the problems that the people of Bucharest have with hot water and heat, that the mayor’s office can only intervene urgently to the damages that occur. He said the problems with the central heating system had accumulated over time, as they had been “years of inactivity”.

In Bucharest, only 10-12% of the main district heating network is modernized, and the losses are huge, somewhere at 2,200,000 l / h in 2020. The rehabilitation works would considerably improve the quality of the heating network.

According to the information made public by the Termoenergetica company, during  Gabriela Firea’s 4-year term, over 200 km of district heating network have been modernized, of which just over 30 km of the primary network.

In the autumn of last year Nicușor Dan stated that in 2021, 15 km of the primary network were modernized.

The rehabilitation of the 210 kilometers of the primary network with European funds – 1.6 billion lei – and another 40 kilometers of the money of the Capital City Hall – 150 million lei plus VAT – has not started yet.

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