Bucharest Mayor wants to impose a toll for the city centre – polluting cars could be banned between Victoria Square and Carol Park

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The transit tax proposed by Bucharest Mayor General, Gabriela Firea, is subject to public debate, the Bucharest-Ilfov Transport Authority (ATBI) arguing that in order to reduce the traffic, a system similar to the one applied in Germany would be beneficial, based on a green card, only cars with Euro 5 and 6 norms and the electric cars.

Bucharest-Ilfov Transport Authority intends to introduce a transit tax for downtown Bucharest, which would be paid by cars with Euro 5 and Euro 6, while the the polluting cars cannot enter the area delimited by Victoriei Square, Mihai Eminescu Street, Traian Street, Carol Park, Izvor and Buzeşti Street, adevarul.ro informs.

The ATBI officials argue that if this rule is enforced, 82% of cars with gasoline engines and 74% of diesel cars registered in Bucharest would no longer have access to the central area.

In the first part of 2017, the authorities announced a project to replace the environmental stamp with an access fee in major cities, whereby each car would receive a pollution-based sticker and possibly would not have the right to transit the city centre. Meanwhile, things have changed dramatically, and the new fee that replaces the environmental stamp will no longer have any connection with city centre access. On the other hand, the city hall is in charge with only 8,500 parking spaces – the district city halls have another 30,000, i.e. less than 3% of the total number of cars. So next year, all roads could be turned into toll parking.

Mayor Gabriela Firea said last year that the introduction of a tolling tax in Bucharest will take place after the modernization of the RATB car park.


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