Bucharest Police faces new scandal: Physician dragged on the sidewalk. Internal investigation ongoing


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A new scandal is faced by the Bucharest Police. An incident occurred in Bucharest, on the night of Sunday to Monday, involving two policemen and a doctor. In the footage posted on Facebook, a man is being dragged on the street because he has refused to present his ID and to follow the policemen.

The footage was captured by a witness to the whole scene. The protagonist is Adrian Mihai Cristescu, the head of a Gynaecology-obstetrics department of Panait Sârbu Hospital in Bucharest. The physician and his wife were stopped by the police after leaving a restaurant in Bucharest, Adrian Cristescu being most likely intoxicated. The doctor’s wife was driving, the woman said, hotnews.ro informs.

“We are respectable people, we are doctors, it’s his birthday, they’ve seen us out of the restaurant and I’m driving, the alcohol test was zero, but they have dragged him down and have taken his phone in the car. My husband asked them to justify,” the woman explained to the witness.

According to the person who posted the film, the incident took place at 02.25h.

The woman screamed, after a first episode in which the policemen pull his hands and try to take him to the car, the doctor raised his arms and said, “I was wrong.”

The man tries to catch a billboard to avoid being dragged to the Police car, but if two police officers manage to grab him, and when the man tries to resist and falls on the sidewalk, then he is dragged by one of the police officers.

All this time, the woman tries to explain the situation and asks the policemen to stop while doctor Cristescu is lying next to the car.

The two policemen claim the man has taken one of their phones, while the woman claims she and her husband are respectable people and the doctor has been drinking, but she was the one driving.

After the footage was released, the leadership of the Romanian Police announced the opening of an internal investigation.

“Following the appearance in the public space of the images in which two policemen legitimized last night a man in Bucharest and following the talks with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mrs. Carmen Dan, the head of the Romanian Police, Chief of Police Bogdan Despescu has decided to start an investigation regarding the police intervention and on the reporting of events at the level of the Bucharest Police. We state that, until the release in the media, we have not been notified about this event,” the Romanian Police has informed on Monday.

The physician is the one who started the scandal with insults

In a second footage released later on Facebook, it is revealed that the physician under influence was the one who started the disputes with the police officers.

His wife was telling him: “Why do you make this kind of show? Get into the car, it wasn’t you who they stopped.”

Then the doctor tells the police officers to justify themselves: “You should legitimize. Let’s see. ID card, number… Hey, you, kid. How old are you? I am 49. …. you, I am older than you!”

“You are two firecrackers. You don’t know who you are talking to! Pity you!” the physician said after being asked is the next day he would have the courage to meet again. The first reaction was: “tomorrow you’ll be fired!”

At the end of the footage is can be noticed that Doctor Adrian Cristescu is trying to get hold of the police officer’s phone.

The physician was fined with two contravention sanctions amounting to RON 500 (approx. EUR 111).



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