Bucharest Revealed as Best City for Remote Working

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A new index reveals Bucharest as the best city in the world for remote working, while Rome comes out as worst.

According to the Remote Working Index report by Broadband Deals, Romania’s Bucharest has been revealed as the best city in the world for working from home or remotely.

The index assessed 50 popular cities in the world and ranked them based on

  • 🌐Average internet speed Mbps
  • 🍕Availability of food delivery companies
  • 👨‍💻The amount of remote working jobs available
  • 💻Cost of a laptop in that city
  • 💰Cost of living

The Top 10 Best Cities For Remote Working

Bucharest came top overall as the best city for remote working, 4.33% of jobs in the city gave workers the opportunity for remote working, the highest of all the cities in the index. It also scored highly for internet speed, coming 4th in the ranking with internet speeds of 52 Mbps, and 7th for the cost of living £421 per month.

Houston came second in the overall list, and second when it came to internet speed at 61 Mbps, with fast internet speeds workers will be able to complete tasks more efficiently. Houston also came third in the list for the cost of a laptop which is often required for remote working at a cost of £1,212.02.

Las Vegas placed third in the list, ranking highly (5th) for the availability of remote jobs in the city with 3.08%, and also scoring joint 3rd position when it came to the cost of laptops.

The Top 10 Worst Cities For Remote Working

Rome came out as the worst city for remote working according to the Index. The has the joint 2nd highest laptop cost at £1,596.89, and was the fourth worst city when it came to internet speed at 16 Mbps. Slower internet speeds can affect the productivity of remote workers.

Milan came 2nd as one of the worst cities, similarly to Rome it also scored poorly when it came to the cost of a laptop and slow internet speeds, but had slightly better job opportunities when it came to remote working, with 1.08% of roles offering the availability to work from home when compared to Rome’s 0.61%.

Seoul came 3rd worst in the overall list and is one of the poorest cities for remote working opportunities in the city with just 0.14% jobs facilitating remote work. It has a slightly higher living cost of £819 per month when compared to Rome and Milan’s £729 and £786 respective costs, however faster internet speeds helped to prevent the city coming top of as one of the worst cities for remote working.

These are the top 10 cities with the MOST remote working jobs currently available

The Index assessed which cities had the most remote working jobs available based as a percentage of total jobs using data from Linkedin, the below were the top 10.

  • Bucharest – 4.33%
  • San Francisco – 4.29%
  • Seattle – 3.60%
  • Washington DC – 3.47%
  • Las Vegas – 3.08%
  • Atlanta – 2.84%
  • Los Angeles – 2.80%
  • Houston – 2.76%
  • Dublin – 2.66%
  • Chicago – 2.64%

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